The Nutrition Institute launches its call for projects to support research into health food and eating behaviors

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The Nutrition Institute launches its call for projects to support research into health food and eating behaviors

The Nutrition Institute, Restalliance corporate foundation, is launching its call for projects as part of the Nutrition Institute Prize 2024.

The Nutrition Institute Prize aims to help carry out an original project of “ Action Research “. The latter should make it possible to advance the understanding of the determinants which impact the pleasure of eating for fragile people and to encourage action initiatives. It aims to support the development of a solution, an initiative or even an innovative strategy to promote a diet that promotes pleasure and health among the elderly, sick or disabled.

For the 5e consecutive year, the Nutrition Institute Prize is worth €10,000.

The philosophy of the Nutrition Institute Prize

This prize, like all the work of the Nutrition Institute, aims to promote the emergence of new knowledge on the eating behaviors of fragile people, that is to say elderly, independent or dependent people. ; people with disabilities of all ages and sick people, living in institutions or at home, including children. This year, the Nutrition Institute wishes to reaffirm the philosophy of its prize.

Through the Nutrition Institute Prize, we are committed to:

  1. Promote initiatives from small and medium-sized structures in the health and medico-social sector. Like our winners since 2020, we want to support sincere, daring and committed field teams !
  2. Promote interdisciplinarity and the decompartmentalization of know-how and expertise. We strongly encourage the rapprochement of clinical, medical, medico-social structures, etc. with the world of research. For example, we encourage the emergence of culinary projects led by chefs serving the health of guests or any other project allowing collaboration between the world of nutrition, that of cooking/gastronomy and that of research. .

The winner of the 2023 Nutrition Institute Prize

In 2023, the Nutrition Institute Prize was awarded to the Memory & Health Association for its LE SANS FOUCHETTE® project.

This project offers training to future restaurateurs from hotel high schools, on age-related cognitive illnesses, particularly Alzheimer's disease, in order to encourage reflection on dishes adapted to the abilities of vulnerable people, in the form of appetizers gourmet dishes to be enjoyed without cutlery. These training courses aim to improve the quality of life and well-being of people with neurocognitive disorders, by allowing them to rediscover the desire to share a meal in a restaurant and enjoy the pleasures of life, in an environment adapted.

Led by Fabienne VERDUREAU, neuropsychologist, speech therapist, trainer and founder of the Memory & Health Association, LE SANS FOUCHETTE® presents itself as a real action research project, combining pedagogy and interaction in a more inclusive society, leading to direct access to food and pleasure.

Conditions of participation


Life and Health Sciences Human and Social Sciences


Action research on nutrition-health, well-being and eating behavior of so-called fragile people

Structures concerned

Private or public organizations


Institutes and research centers

Innovative startups in the agri-food sector

Launch of the call for projects: March 15, 2024

Deadline for application submission: May 15, 2024, midnight

Selection of the winning project by the jury of experts: June 5, 2024

Presentation of the Nutrition Institute Prize: currently being decided / June 2024

The specifications:

The application file:

A project “ Public Favorite »

This year, the Nutrition Institute is offering, in addition to the IN Prize, a “ Public Favorite “.

The selected projects will be posted online on the Nutrition Institute website. The project that obtains the most votes will win the prize. Public Favorite » and will be able to benefit from support from the Nutrition Institute in terms of visibility and scientific support.

Public votes will take place from May 20 to June 5, 2024, midnight and project leaders will be asked to mobilize their community to support their project.

The winner will also be announced at the same time as the winner of the IN 2024 prize.

About the Nutrition Institute:
The Nutrition Institute innovates to preserve the pleasure of eating for the most fragile. The Nutrition Institute has been the Restalliance corporate foundation since January 2020. Its mission: to innovate for the pleasure and health of vulnerable people, today and tomorrow. The work of the Nutrition Institute aims to observe and produce new knowledge on the eating behavior of vulnerable people and experiment with concrete solutions in the field. The Nutrition Institute has a scientific council, made up of recognized personalities from the scientific and medical world, who guarantee the independence and seriousness of the Institute's work.


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