Proteins are essential for the manufacture of tissues such as bones, muscles, etc., for cell renewal, for the proper functioning of organs, and for the synthesis of enzymes and hormones. They are digested in the stomach, which is an acidic environment. They are found in :

  • meats
  • fishes
  • the eggs
  • dairy products
  • germinated seeds
  • oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.)
  • legumes and algae


The amino acids

Amino acids are assimilated by the cells thanks to insulin produced in the presence of glucose. It is therefore important to consume carbohydrates along with proteins so that they can be assimilated.

To avoid a bad combination, still prefer vegetables to carbohydrates.Digestion divides proteins into amino acids, which are transported to the liver. The liver will take part of them for its own use and distribute the rest in the body.

The cells fed with proteins will produce organic proteins (enzymes, hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters…).

An amino acid deficiency is catastrophic for the body and leads to many disorders, such as muscle loss, hormonal imbalance, immune suppression, etc…



It is the basis for the secretion of serotonin, which is the hormone for sleep and relaxation, and a natural antidepressant. It is not synthesized by the body, so it comes only from food. It is found for example in :

  • dehydrated and salted cod;
  • meat;
  • squash seeds, pumpkin seeds;
  • parmesan cheese;
  • swiss cheese;
  • milk.



It is the basis of dopamine, the pleasure hormone, and norepinephrine, which plays a role in concentration. It conditions the use of vitamin C, relieves muscle pain and headaches. This amino acid is used by the thyroid gland. It is found in :

  • meats;
  • cheese;
  • egg white;
  • soybean;
  • chickpeas;
  • oats;
  • wheat germ.

Dopamine and norepinephrine stimulate brain function and fight the effects of stress. A deficiency of these molecules leads to a decrease libido, decreases appetite, memory and concentration. It would also increase feelings of dissatisfaction.



Methionine is essential for growth. It protects the liver, kidneys and neurotransmitters, improves memory and calms the nervous system. It also has anti-cholesterol properties. It is found for example in :

  • brazil nuts;
  • pork (cooked);
  • chicken breast (cooked);
  • roast beef;
  • parmesan cheese;
  • soybean;
  • tuna (cooked);
  • the yoghurt;
  • egg white (cooked);
  • white beans.



It improves memory and alertness, prevents stress symptoms, calms stage fright. Glutamine also absorbs certain metabolic waste products. It is found in:

  • sound;
  • whole wheat;
  • soybean;
  • almonds;
  • hazelnuts
  • cheese.



It is the basis of histamine, which is an allergy trigger to get rid of harmful substances. It regulates emotions and behaviour, and plays a role in the integration of memories. Histidine increases sensations during sexual intercourse and promotes female orgasm. It is found in :

  • dairy products;
  • the meat;
  • whole grains;
  • vegetable milks;
  • eggs.


My advices regarding proteins

  • Diversify protein sources.
  • Consume a reasonable amount of proteins.
  • Prefer vegetable proteins, white meats, and fish.
  • To anticipate the risks of deficiencies, it is best to combine cereals with legumes, for example: rice and kidney beans, semolina and chickpeas.
  • Do not hesitate to eat germinated seeds.

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