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don’t touch the training of future doctors – Libération

A reform of the model for general medicine interns will reduce by decree their compulsory training period in the field of child health to only three months compared to the current six months. This reform is carried out:

– while health, and especially that of children, is a priority for the French,

– while neonatal mortality has been increasing in France for 10 years, going from second to twentieth position in Europe,

– while the mental health of adolescents is becoming a major public health issue, as evidenced by the increase in suicidal ideas and suicide attempts,

– while reports, such as that of the first 1,000 days published in 2020, recommend offering “individualized response, adapted to the fragilities and specificities of the child and his parents” and D'“invest strongly in initial and continuing training on early development in all its dimensions”,

– while more than 80% of children are currently followed or cared for in an emergency context by a general practitioner,

– while in-depth reflection has been carried out for more than a year through the preparatory work of the Pediatric and Child Health Conference, the conclusions of which are expected in the coming weeks

We doctors, pediatricians, general practitioners, general medicine interns and other health professionals, we parents and representatives of associations of parents of children suffering from severe chronic illnesses or orphans, we representatives of associations for the defense of human rights child, let us deplore an incomprehensible step backwards in the training of future general practitioners in child health.

In a context of medical desertification and a significant shortage of pediatricians in many territories, general practitioners find themselves on the front line to provide care for sick children and adolescents.

Their training included a 6-month internship in child health during their 3rd university cycle. These internships take place mainly in general pediatric or pediatric emergency departments of CHG or CHU, but also in PMI and in internship sites dedicated to child health on an outpatient basis. General medicine interns are confronted with the whole range of reasons for seeking care for infants, children and adolescents that they will encounter in their future practice.

These internships in hospital pediatrics are appreciated by general medicine interns, the majority of whom recognize that 6 months are necessary for them to feel comfortable with the great diversity of ages (from newborns to adolescents) and situations. encountered in pediatrics: epidemic pathologies, chronic diseases, childhood in danger, abuse, suicidal adolescents, neurodevelopmental disorders, etc.

This training base for general practitioners, during an internship in child health, preliminary to the teaching that they will then receive from university internship supervisors in general medicine, is also a real lever for limiting non-professional recourses. justified in pediatric emergencies, to develop prevention and support for parenthood and to optimize the detection and early treatment of numerous diseases in order to avoid loss of opportunity for these young patients.

For all these reasons, we pray to the Minister of Health Catherine Vautrin, Minister of Labor, Health and Solidarity, Frédéric Valletoux, Minister Delegate in charge of Health and Prevention, Sarah El Haïry, Minister Delegate in charge of childhood, youth and families, to kindly maintain the current duration of training in child health for general practitioners and that a duration of 6 months once again becomes the rule.

Signatories: Dr Philippe Bensaïdhead of the pediatrics and pediatric emergencies department at Victor Dupouy hospital (Argenteuil), Hélène Berrué Gaillard President of the Rare Disease Alliance (collective of 240 associations), Dr Corinne Bois, general practitioner and vice-president of the National Union of Maternal and Child Protection Physicians. Nanterre, Dr Emmanuel Cixous, president of the National Professional Council of Pediatrics; Seclin Laura Dorey, director of AFME (Children's Liver Disease Association), Dr Jeremy Do Cao, president of the National Union of Pediatricians of Hospital Establishments, David Fiant, president of Vaincre la Mucoviscidose, Dr Jean Gaschignard, head of the pediatrics and pediatric emergencies department at Longjumeau-Orsay, Marc de Kerdanet, president of the Association of Young Diabetics, Dr Agnès Linglart, president of the French Pediatric Society, Dr Sylvie Nguyen The Tich, president of the National College of University Practitioners, Dr Béatrice Pellegrino, president of the College of hospital pediatricians outside APHP of Ile-de-France, Professor Loïc de Pontual, head of pediatrics department Jean Verdier hospital in Bondy, Dr Sébastien Rouget, honorary president of the French Society for Adolescent Health, Claire Royer de la Bastié, president of the national college of childcare nurses, Professor Rémi Salomon, president of the Conference of CME Presidents of University Hospitals, Catherine Vergely, general secretary of the Union of Associations of Parents of Children Suffering from Cancer and Leukemia, Dr Andreas WERNER president of the French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics.

… as well as around a hundred associations of parents of sick children, around a hundred department heads and professors, more than 400 general practitioners and general medicine interns, more than 500 pediatricians, numerous caregivers and healthcare professionals. health, parents of sick children.

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