Know sign by sign What does your horoscope have in store for you this Monday, June 24, 2024?.

Clarín brings you the most accurate predictions and the most reliable advice of the astrology today for your sign in matters of health, love and money.


Horoscope today: Don’t be so clueless, write down the plan for the next few days in your agenda. This way it will be difficult for you to forget something important.

Health: Don’t make mistakes twice about the same thing, your best asset is experience. Think very carefully about your actions, they can be decisive in your life.

Love: Look for emotional stability. This will be a good period to define the direction of your emotional life and remove ghosts from the past.

Money: Economically, you will pay the price for decisions made lightly. Learn from this lesson so you don’t repeat your mistake.


Horoscope today: Today could be a complicated day in the social and family sphere. Avoid attending video conferences where you know there will be people you don’t fit in with.

Health: You don’t pay much attention to your health and you are not taking too much care of your image. Think if you want to continue like this.

Love: You may be more jealous and hypersensitive, causing some friction with your partner. Stay calm, seek dialogue.

Money: The necessary conditions will be given for you to carry out old projects. The luck factor will be on your side.


Horoscope today: It is not a good day to ask or give explanations. It is best to remain silent and listen carefully to others.

Health: Be wary of your apparent good state of physical and mental health. Temperature changes can be dangerous these days.

Love: Love can take on a more spiritual quality. You will be interested in helping people in need and opening your heart to compassion.

Money: You are lucky to have honest colleagues in the field of finance. Don’t neglect them because they are scarce.


Horoscope today: Set objectives, so that they do not remain only good intentions. Set a reminder so you don’t forget what you want to achieve.

Health: Dedicate yourself to finishing all those activities that you have pending. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Love: You will believe that destiny is working against you when you discover that the person you like has already found love. Do not be disappointed.

Money: It’s a good time to complete all the projects you had in mind. Concentrate all your forces on the realization.


Horoscope today: Don’t despair, your achievements will be more real and lasting. Persevere despite delays and don’t give up prematurely.

Health: A little physical activity, if you are a sedentary person, would not only be good for you, but it is essential. Start now.

Love: Live in the present without ties and memories. It is a favorable period to let go emotionally of what hurts you.

Money: The battle will be tough, but you will surely make progress towards your economic goals. Be patient, everything will be given to you.


Horoscope today: Be careful, the planets have aligned and do not bring positive energy. Don’t worry, everything will depend on the decisions you make.

Health: You just need to have eyes very attentive to reality to detect where the opportunities are and not let them pass you by. Keep alert.

Love: If you are in a difficult emotional situation, make the decision to make radical changes in your life, and not let others influence you.

Money: Important period regarding your financial resources. You’re going to have to renegotiate that deal you thought was closed.


Horoscope today: You must explain what your objectives are in order to achieve what you want so much, and thus you will receive help from your environment.

Health: It is not a good time for you to let yourself be overcome by those problems and misunderstandings. Relax and take a moment to think things through calmly.

Love: If you feel that the relationship is on the decline, try to get out of your routine and do something unexpected and that you never thought of.

Money: It is a time when there is no stability at work, which is why you should be a little more responsible.


Horoscope today: Pay attention to your work, you may be making mistakes, which will bring you great inconvenience to reverse.

Health: Try to calm or control your temper, it may not be a good time to get into arguments that lead to nothing.

Love: The couple’s situation is in a moment of tension. It is advisable to take some time to clarify your ideas.

Money: Inopportune time to carry out any financial activity outside of what was planned. Stick to the routine.


Horoscope today: Your sharpness and ingenuity will turn your free time into true and pure fun. Someone special will accompany you.

Health: Take advantage of opportunities to have fun and relax. Take the time to have fun and have a good time.

Love: If you are alone, you will feel like having fun, meeting diverse people and establishing non-committal relationships.

Money: Opportunities appear. Use your intuition to choose the right one. Don’t waste situations that may occur only once.


Horoscope today: Others will not be willing to cooperate with you and you will have to control your strong character if you want things to go well.

Health: If you want to live your life fully, you must open yourself to affection and let yourself be loved. But keep in mind that suffering is also part of life.

Love: If you hope to resolve this difference with your partner, you should not escape from him. Face it, in the end you will see that nothing was so complicated.

Money: You will begin to see how the effort of sleepless nights begins to bear fruit. This will give you motivation to keep going.


Horoscope today: If you see that things are not going the way you want, rethink your way of thinking and you will benefit.

Health: If you feel like you don’t feel like it, try to distract yourself and do activities that get you out of your routine. Chats with friends or colleagues never hurt.

Love: Excessive selfishness could damage your current relationship. Try to think more about both and not just your well-being.

Money: If things don’t turn out the way you want, there’s no other way around it. You are not going through a good time with your finances.


Horoscope today: Good news that comes from someone close to you will make you rethink certain things that overwhelm you. You will be able to solve them.

Health: Keep in mind that if you carry out activities it is advisable that you use appropriate footwear and clothing, this way you will avoid possible injuries.

Love: If you disagree with your partner on some issues, you should be more careful when stating your position. Measure the words you use better.

Money: Try to bring a more practical sense to your work. This will be more useful to you to achieve the material success that you so desire.

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